Hunter vs Predator

Recommended for:
Groups who want a challenging and unique teambuilding activity! In a world where the strongest survive, both hunter and predator will need to gather the strongest members in their team in different battles of wits and strength. When teams lose, they get eliminated and members will have to join other emerging teams after each round. Successful teams will grow in numbers after each round to face off in a final battle of Hunters VS Predators in the finale. The ultimate Champions will be crowned and emerge as the top of the food chain!

This program will consist of 4 different components where team members will be tested for their wits, strength, co-ordination and team dynamics. Along the way, teams will also be required to make strategic decisions and work together in order to win.

Group size:
Minimum 30 pax, Up to 60 pax

Recommended Venues:
Outdoors in Parks or Beaches

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: $70-9-/pax

Learning Values:
➢ Team Co-ordination
➢ Strategic Planning
➢ Resilience
➢ Understanding Members Strengths & Weaknesses

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