Things to do in Singapore - Zorbing & Laser Clay Shooting

Every Wednesday and Sunday, AdvenTOUR brings you unique experience doing Zorbing and Laser Clay Shooting in Singapore! Sessions happen from 4pm to 6pm at the field in Old Holland Road. Pre-booking is absolutely necessary to ensure that you have a spot at the adventures!

You will get strapped inside the ZOVB Ball and do 2 Roll Downs over a slope and you get to co-ordinate with your rolling partner (best if it’s the opposite gender :p) to walk up in the balls like a pair of hamsters; the best way to get initiated into any party I must say. Laser Clay Shooting, on the other hand, is just like trap or skeet shooting in the Olympic Sports. However, in this case, it is clean and green as we use technology to replace the messy clay and potentially dangerous gun shots. Infrared rays are used to detect each shot on the clay and your score will be reflected real-time into the digitized scoreboard!

To top it up, you can also follow on to our next Local Food Tour where you get to experience all the local food in Singapore. This is absolutely the best way to see and experience Singapore through our food culture! Our friendly facilitator will bring you the best local eats and get a taste of our local Hokkien Prawn Mee, Singapore Satay, Hainanese Chicken Rice, local BBQ Seafood, desserts and many more.

Special Combo Package are available if you gather your mates and pre-book your experience with us.
Rack Rate 
Land ZORB (2 roll downs) – $100 per pair
Laser Clay Shooting – $138 per pair
Local Food Tour – $108 per pax (minimum 4 pax to start a tour)

Group of 4 Combos
Land ZORB – $150 for a party of 4 ($50 savings, original price $200)
Laser Clay – $207 for a party of 4 ($69 savings, original price $276)
Local Food Tour – $392 for a party of 4 ($40 savings, original price $432)

Activity Packages
Laser Clay + ZOVB (1.5hrs) – $180 per pair ($58 savings, original price $238)
Laser Clay + ZOVB + Food Tour (5pm to 9.30pm) – $360 per pair ($94 savings, original price $454)
Ubin Cycling + Laser Clay + ZOVB (9am to 5.30pm) – $299 per pair ($89 savings, available on Sundays only)
Ubin Cycling + Laser Clay + ZOVB + Food Tour (9am to 9.30pm) = $489 per pair ($115 savings, available on Sundays only)

So many things to do and places to visit in Singapore but don’t miss out these unique activities that we offer which you cannot get anywhere else! Perfect weekend activities for families and things to do with kids in Singapore. You can even book this for your next corporate gathering if your guests are from outside of Singapore. Probably one of the best ways to host them through Nature, Fun and Food!

Weekend things to do - Cycling in Ubin

Participate and sign up with a facilitator to cycle in Pulau Ubin on Sundays. Gather your friends and many members for a weekend of fun and adventure.

We organise weekly Sunday cycling in Pulau Ubin (upon request) and bring the cyclist to explore Nature and the last frontier in Singapore. During the trip, we will visit inland lakes, old quarries, ancient temples and get a glimpse of how Singapore is like in the 60s. Each trip will cost $75 per person and we need a minimum of 4 pax to make a trip. This will include your ferry tickets, bicycle rental, facilitator to lead the way and also first aid on standby. In the event of rain, we also provide you with a poncho so exploration continues and not let the rain dampen our mood.

The trip will meet in Changi Ferry Terminal at 9am and do remember to rock up earlier for the delicious offer of breakfast meals at the Changi Village Hawker Centre. Groups of 4 gets a portion of the price knock off from us so do enquire in advance for this offer.

We understand that it might be difficult to get all your loved ones out on a Sunday hence we help you get your whole day packed with fun and activities. We do have special discounts if you would like to be entertained for the whole Sunday with your friends and family. Visit Entertain My Sunday and see the bottom of the post for special deals and discounts which you can enjoy, coupled with this Pulau Ubin Cycling Adventure!

Team-building programs for different kinds of teams

Time to plan your next team-bonding session and you’re wondering which team-building activities would be suitable for your team?

Here are 4 different team personalities and our recommended programs to engage each personality type!

The super sporty team:

If your team largely consists of fitness enthusiasts or super active team members, here are some fun team-building programs your team would love:

  • Fitness challenge: Sweat it out through different stations: cycling, skipping relays, etc.
  • Watersports Park Challenge at Treasure Bay, Bintan would be another option if your team has plans to travel overseas for a short corporate retreat. Get to try out Stand Up Paddle, Kayaking, Waterpark and more and have a Splashin’ Great time!

Watersports park teambuilding
Waterpark Challenge Teambuilding

  1. The creative “arty-farty” team:

This’s the team bursting with new ideas and innovation all the time. Engaging this bunch of creative people is no easy task. However, we’re sure “Funk Up Commercial Break” or “Creative Juice” would be the perfect platform for them to showcase their talents, while having a great bonding time with their fellow creatives!

  • Commercial Break: Come together to script and film a TV Commercial!
  • Creative Juice: Create your own concoction of drinks, package and sell it to your colleagues

creative juice singapore fun team building

  1. The “lepak” chillax team:

For the team whose ideal team-bonding event consists of relaxing and simply spending time with their colleagues, these would be some awesome ideas:

  • International Cooking Workshop: Leisurely cook with your team and have a feast right after the session!
  • Yacht Charter: Have the yacht exclusively for your team and have an intimate team outing while enjoying the ride

Yatch Chartering Singapore

  1. The analytical team:

For the inquisitive team that loves intellectual challenges rather than physical games, playing detectives in our “CSI Investigation” would definitely be a thrilling and interesting experience!

CSI Challenge Singapore teambuilding

Our Undercover Mission also promote analytical and logical thinking with various missions. Teams would try to win by completing in the shortest time possible, while trying to discover the undercover spies and preventing them from sabotaging the team.

If your team is a mix of all of the above, fret not! Simply contact us here so we can share with you suitable activities, specifically tailored to your team’s needs and preferences 🙂

Best Team Building Company in Singapore - The WOW Experience
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