Based on the popular television hit The Amazing Race, this team building challenge encourages teams to compete at various checkpoints interspersed with physical and mental challenges. To get to these checkpoints, team are issued with an iPad that will disperse clues on their destination. Teams will also be required to solve puzzles to attain their clues on the device, navigate themselves in tourist attractions and interact with pedestrians for information along the way.

The activities performed comprises of meaningful traits and team building elements at every station that you visit. You will not only be exposed to navigation skills, but will also have lots of fun and a good time bonding with your colleagues! Teams are scored based on how well they complete the station tasks as a team, not how fast. This is a program that focuses on teamwork, not speed! The nature of the challenges will vary to ensure diversity of team dynamics and behaviour. The winning team will be determined by the highest number of points earned based on their performance at each station, with a minor judging criteria on the time taken to complete the race.

As part of the program’s agenda, we aim to encapsulate your company’s vision, mission and core values into a race that is both engaging and educational. Thus, we can customize the team building games and challenge to meet any particular objectives sought such as stepping up for leadership or to promote camaraderie.


Here are some examples of the games we play at each station:


Reverse Pictionary – One player from each team will have to draw a picture as identical as possible. The catch however, is that the artist cannot see the picture himself, hence his team mates will be expertly describing every shape, line and curve to ensure the best possible imitation drawn.


Key Punch – Players have to step on a bunch of foam padded alphabets on the floor one letter at a time based on the word given. However, this activity is time based and only one person can step on an alphabet at any one time. Good planning and strategy will play a big part in ensuring fast completion.

Teambuilding activities game station sentosa amazing race

Blind Shapes – Teams have to form a given shape with a rope, all whilst blindfolded. Communication is key.

Learning Values:

✓ Critical thinking skills to complete tasks

✓ Importance of effective 2-way communication for clarification & understanding

✓ Adopting appropriate resources to aid in achieving goals

✓ Listening & trusting each other

✓ Motivating & encouraging team members to complete challenging tasks together

✓ Logical thinking skills applying to work scenario

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