Survivor Experience

Building a structure outdoors with limited resources
Survivor Experience

The Survivor Experience is guaranteed to bring you out of your comfort zone. Come join us a day out in Pulau Ubin where you’ll be required to navigate through the island, make a fire utilising a flint and creating traps. If you’re lucky you might come across durians during the season. Corporate groups love this experience, as it’s a different learning journey for the team members. A race format can be incorporated into the package to simulate an amazing race format. Who knows you might be required to come out with a sales place utilising the equipment you have built from the ground up. Contact us for more information on how to live with what nature provides and thinking out of the box.

Survivor Experience Learning Values:

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Critical Thinking
  • Maximising Resources
  • Build Efficient Teams

Nature of activity: Corporate, Groups, Outdoor, Medium impact, Medium Intensity, small, medium and large size groups

Recommended Location: Pulau Ubin, Singapore

Duration: 2 hours

Minimum Group Size per session: 20 pax

Cost: $99/pax (includes equipment. facilitators, 1 bottle of mineral water, bumboat transfer to and from the island) 

Prices are exclusive of 7% GST