Survivor Bintan

Survivor Challenge
Survivor Bintan

Recommended for:
Groups that seek adventure and love a good outdoor challenge.
Just like the popular tv game series, our Survivor challenge involves teams being “stranded” on a deserted island with limited resources. Each team will be given a bag of resources are the start of the race and thereafter would need to complete challenges around the island in order to get additional resources.
Ultimately, with all the resources acquired, teams would build a raft to leave the island and get to a signal lighthouse station. The first team to outwit, outplay and outlast the rest of their competitors, leave the ‘island’ on their raft and reach the signal station will be the true survivors!

Group Size:
Minimum 20 pax, Up to 8 pax per team

Duration: 4-5 hours

Cost: $98/pax

Learning Values:
➢ Adventurous Spirit and an open mind
➢ Team work and team spirit
➢ Adapt to changing environments
➢ Work with limited resources