Let ’em Play Negotiation Course

Let ’em Play Negotiation Course

LET ‘EM PLAY – Indoor High Elements Arena (Team challenge version)

 Safety is definitely our utmost concern. We offer a safe continuous belay system where participants will only handle the harness / rope safety mechanism at the beginning and at the end of the course. At no point in time will participants be required to change their safety line or unhook from their safety harness during the activity. Our safety line has an adjustable length to suit participants of all heights as well.

  • High Elements Obstacles
  • Fun Climbing Walls
  • Augmented Reality Bouldering

High Elements Obstacles

High Element Negotiation Course, an indoor weather proof two-storey high elements course consists of over 15 different obstacles to conquer. Teams are challenged at each obstacle where it encourages teamwork, interaction and coordination through a well thought out programme.

Teams are allocated with a start-up capital to manage and are required to complete tasks at each checkpoint on the high element course. These challenges may require capital spending or budget negotiation between opposing teams. Teams that meet each other at check points will need to negotiate on an ‘entry fee’ that will allow the team to pass through. This program is not just about speed, it requires critical thinking and forward planning and how to utilize your capital to reach your goals. At the end of the game, teams with the most capital wins.

Corporate Objective:

  • Working with diverse culture with the same vision.
  • Improve negotiation and communication skills.
  • Collaboration with other departments to achieve efficiency and effectiveness results.

Duration: 2-2.5 hours

Cost: $66-$88/pax

The estimated cost will include teambuilding fee, staff costing and logistics required for the activities. 1 mineral water per participant will also be provided.

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2 days ago

WOW Experience

Roll into Love and Aim for some Hearts this 28th April 2019! As we kick off our public sessions in this Sunny month!

Join us for Land ZOVB and Laser Clay Shooting Public Session at Old Holland Road.
Public Session is the ONLY time you don't need a minimum number of people to book and play the activities!

Let us know of your interest

Land ZOVB (2 Roll Downs): $50/adult
Laser Clay (75 Clays): $49/pax


What is ZOVB?
Originating from New Zealand, ZOVBing is now available in Singapore. This involves going into an enormous clear plastic air-cushioned sphere, getting yourself strapped up and rolling down a slope in a virtual anti-gravity form of weightlessness like an intoxicated space traveler.

This is perfectly safe as there is a big cushion of air between you and the outside. When you are at the end of the slope, you will then experience the life of hamsters in their spinning wheels. Yes! You will need to walk up the slope just like a hamster.

Laser Clay Shooting!!

If you have heard about Clay Pigeon Shooting or trap shooting, Laser Clay is exactly the same, only safer and greener! Having so much of global warming these days, conservation is something that we should all observe, hence the reason for clay pigeon shooting fun with LASER!

Laser Sport is played with authentic but de-activated 12-bore shotguns that fire infrared beams at reflective and reusable clays. The system is sound simulated- on fire, a realistic shotgun ‘bang’ is produced and hits are indicated by the sound of breaking clay. There is a scoreboard displaying the points scored by each gun. Up to 5 players can be playing at one time.

Our public session is from 4-7pm. A session of 2 roll-downs (Land ZOVB) and 75 clays (Laser Clay Shooting) would be within 1-1.5 hrs.
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116 Jalan Bukit Merah,
Singapore 160116.

Tel: (65) 6779 1031

Operation Hours:
9.30 am to 6.30 pm

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