Learn To Be A DJ Experience

Learn to be a DJ experience

Ministry of DJ’s teaches students about how to DJ right in a relaxed environment where their style, ideas and goals matter the most. Whether this is a passion or a hobby being a DJ can grow to be much more than that, a fun lifestyle while you get to share the music you love in your own settings or elsewhere.

Our students vary from hobbyists as young as 5, to working professionals from corporate divisions, have achieved ideal results through our courses crafted by a team of professional DJs, educators, and industry leaders.

Learn to be a DJ Learning Values:

  • Push beyond your boundaries
  • Develops ability to find opportunities in change and overcome challenges
  • Increases commitment to defined goals at all levels of your organization
  • Promotes individual and group growth with fun and memorable experiences

Nature of activity: Corporate, groups, Indoors, Low Impact, Low Intensity, small, medium or large groups

Recommended Location: Canvas

Duration: 2-3 hours

Minimum Group Size per session: –

Cost: $94/pax

Prices are exclusive of 7% GST

Bookings available from Mondays to Saturdays