DISC Personality Profiling Tool

DISC Corporate Event
DISC Corporate Event

DISC is a popular tool used by many corporate groups seeking to find a deeper understanding of themselves and the people they work with. It is worth mentioning that each unique individual has all four components within him or her specifically Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. Its just a matter of which feature is a dominant of the four.

DISC Pie chart

Your journey through this exercise will bring you through various activities will give you a deeper insight and appreciation of each feature and how best to maximise each and everyone’s personality to deliver an efficient and motivated organisation. A teambuilding exercise (indoors or outdoors) will be carried out after DISC session to reinforce their newfound personalities. Drop us a note to find out more information on what sort of activities and event space that fits best with the evaluation test and how it can bring your team to the next level.

DISC Personality Tool Profiling Learning Values:

  • Decreased Judgement
  • Become a people developer
  • Move from a manager of people to a leaderof people
  • Dealing with changes positively

Nature of activity: Corporate, Indoor, Low impact, Profiling, Low Intensity, small or medium size groups

Recommended Location: Meeting Room Facility

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Minimum Group Size per session: 10 pax

Cost: $128/pax (includes theory, practical sessions and a take home personalised booklet per person)

Prices are exclusive of 7% GST