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Whether you're looking for fun teambonding activities, games for a social get together or even corporate teambuilding, we've got them right here for you! We do half days, full days or even just simple ice-breaker games to kick off your meetings. Program venues are flexible (for some) and we can help you arrange transport, meals and all the necessary amenities you will need for your team building event. Each program is unique on it's own to meet various needs. Some may have minimum or maximum number of pax so do shortlist what you like, let us know more about your team and we can best advise the suitable programs for you.

Fun Fitness Bootcamp

Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $60-$80/pax

Take a day off work and try out our fun fitness programme which is great to break a sweat and train up your endurance, while keeping your heart pumping! (Enquire Now!)

Monopoly Race

Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $65-$89/pax

Just like the Monopoly board game, the rules are similar but you get to play this in real life, with real buildings as properties - just no real cash involved! (Enquire Now!)

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $49-$69/pax

Laserclay is the greener version of Trap Shooting. Like the real deal, our electronic powered shotguns allow groups to shoot flying targets while allowing their scores to be electronically recorded through the scoreboard. (Enquire Now!)

Undercover Mission

Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $60-$80/pax

Become an undercover spy for a day and sabotage team missions without being discovered! A fun teambuilding challenge that involves teams trying to outsmart spies planted within their own teams (Enquire Now!)

Game Show Night

Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $55-$80/pax

Always wanted to take part in a tv game show? Here's your chance to try out a variety of popular tv games all in one night. Compete against other teams to see who emerges as champions! (Enquire Now!)


Duration: 3-4 hours
Cost: $65-$95/pax (includes ez-link card)

Hop on board our MRT trains and race through various stations to fulfill missions and take on challenges to bring your team to victory! (Enquire Now!)

Let 'em Play Negotiation Course

Duration: 2-2.5 hours
Cost: $66-$88/pax

Bored of the usual teambuilding activities on the ground? Try our high elements challenge as a team while working those brains to negotiate the best deals for your team! (Enquire Now!)

Amazing Race

Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $50-$80/pax

Similar to what you see on the hit TV series, our race features teambuilding specific station games at every pit stop during the race. (Enquire Now!)

Water Sports Park Challenge @ Treasure Bay Bintan

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: $89-$99/pax

As the sole water sports provider for this premium resort we offer premium water-sports activities which are not available in Singapore. (Enquire Now!)

Bubble Ball Zovbing

Duration: 1-1.5 hours
Cost: $35-$50/pax

Once known to be only available in New Zealand. It’s available right now in the heart of Singapore. Get ready for a rolling good time as you tumble and turn down the slope. (Enquire Now!)

Funk Up Commercial Break

Duration: 3-4 hours
Cost: $75-$99/pax

A great ice breaking activity as everyone comes together to script and film a tv commercial! Bring on your creative juices and acting skills for this one! (Enquire Now!)

Bloop Bubble Ball Soccer

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $28-$45/pax

Pioneering this alternative sport 6 years ago, Bloop captured the hearts of many young adults. Whether its soccer or wrestling, you are a guaranteed a fun experience within the safety of bubble suit. (Enquire Now!)

Running Man Challenge

Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $55-$80/pax

The running man team building session is fun and yet effective in teambuilding. Like the Korean TV show, participants will be grouped together performing crazy antics and team building tasks at the same time. (Enquire Now!)

Combat Skirmish Laser Tag

Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $55-$70/pax

Whether your team is looking to inject corporate values, remove silos or build highly effective teams, Combat Skirmish promises maximum engagement and bottom line achievements. (Enquire Now!)

Survivor Bintan

Duration: 4-5 hours
Cost: $89-$99/pax

Work together as a team and outwit, outsmart, outplay your competitors to gather as many resources as possible to try and leave the 'deserted island'. (Enquire Now!)

DISC Personality Profiling Tool

Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $100-$128/pax

DISC is a popular tool used by many corporate groups seeking to find a deeper understanding of themselves and the people they work with. (Enquire Now!)

Minute To Win It

Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $45-$55/pax

Minute to Win It is great activity for an after meeting bonding session. Teams will have to strategize and work together to compete against the clock and other worthy opponents. (Enquire Now!)

Quiz Night Family Feud

Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $55-$75/pax

Get head to head in brain battles with your friends or colleagues in our Quiz Night Family Feud. Answer questions in the wackiest and most creative of ways to win! (Enquire Now!)

Dragonboating Teambuilding

Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $55/pax (group size <20), $45/pax (group size >20)

Dragon boating has been a very successful paddle sport that brings people together. Corporate groups looking to build a common heartbeat or culture into the organisation would recommend this activity for its teambuilding delivery through a simple approach of paddling. (Enquire Now!)

Survivor Experience

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $70-$99/pax

Join us for a day out in Pulau Ubin where you’ll be required to navigate through the island, make a fire utilising a flint and creating traps. (Enquire Now!)

International Cooking Workshop

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: $125/pax

Enjoy a cookout session with your colleagues and have exploring new never tried before recipes! Learn something new as you work together to create a menu of interesting dishes (Enquire Now!)

Yacht Charter

Duration: 3.5-4 hours
Cost: from $1200

Whether it’s a corporate rewards program, a party on board on simply a day to take the family out, you’ll be treated with exclusively on board our vessel. (Enquire now!)

KF1 Go Kart Teambuilding

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $2400 (non-peak), $3000 (peak) - entire novice track

Ride on the Viper go-Karts available on site and relive the adrenaline pumping F1 season with us. The location serves as the largest and the only CIK-FIA approved go karting facility in Singapore! (Enquire Now!)

Low Elements/High Elements Course

Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $130/pax

Located right smack in centre of Singapore, our high elements course contains a complex network of ropes and obstacles. (Enquire Now!)

Learn To Be A DJ Experience

Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $94/pax

Try your hand at being a DJ for a day! Guided by professional DJs and industry experts, you'll definitely have a fun time exploring and creating music that you like! (Enquire Now!)

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