Headline for Best Listing of Unique Carnival Games & Event Essential Rentals at Affordable Prices in Singapore!

Best Listing of Unique Carnival Games & Event Essential Rentals at Affordable Prices in Singapore!

Looking for fun activities for your upcoming family day carnivals, corporate events or even a birthday party? We've got them lined up here for you. Check out our list of interesting and cool activities up for private rental, specially catered for large groups! Host your own laser tag games, bubble soccer fun or conquer a challenging high elements course that's family friendly. You can even have the option of running a seminar or workshop for adults while the kids get entertained! Enquire with us today!

Let 'em Play Function Room Rental

Function Room Rental (4 hour block): $350
Looking for a venue to host birthday parties, seminars, workshops or corporate events? Our private function room at Let 'em Play is fully air-conditioned and comes equipped with a sound system as well as furniture that you can move around to best fit your setting. There is also a glass viewing gallery that allows you to look out on the play arena, perfect for organizers looking to hold seminars or workshops for parents. Kids will then have a play area to keep them occupied while the adults can enjoy an afternoon of learning and sharing. (Enquire now!)

Bloop Bubble Soccer Rental

Rental Cost: $28/ball/hr (Minimum of 10 balls)
Our bloop balls make a great carnival game as they are very versatile and can be used in a variety of games! If you're planning an event, be sure to include Bloop! (Enquire now!)

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Rental Cost: $800/hr
Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is a great activity for both the young and old, perfect for your next private party, family day carnival or corporate event. With up to 5 players shooting at each time, it allows for a mini competition of sorts. All our equipment is safe and do not emit any harmful beams, instead, we use an infrared system with real time sound feedback when the clay discs are hit. (Enquire now!)

Land Zovb Rental

Rental Cost: $280/hr
Got an upcoming event or carnival? Our giant sized land zovb balls are up for rental! Have a fun time rolling down slopes 'hamster style' with your family and friends! (Enquire now!)

Mobile Tents

Rental Cost: $85/tent per day
Useful for event rentals, parties, shelter for fringe activities (Enquire now!)

Let 'em Play Venue Rental

Entire Venue Rental (inclusive use of function room): $2000/2 hrs
Looking for a fun venue for a birthday party or corporate event? Let 'em Play is perfect for you! We've got a two storey indoor obstacle course, a whole series of fun rock walls and even an augmented reality climbing wall for more fun and engaging games! Our venue also has a private function room with a viewing gallery that allows one to overlook all the fun that happens within the premises. (Enquire now!)

Earth Ball

Rental Cost: $130/hr
Earth ball adds a fun element to your event, especially for large scale events. It's a super fun game for carnivals and corporate events, with teams working together to push the 'life sized' ball to score goals in the opponents base. It can also be used as a wow factor and get audience participation during concerts or parties! Our Earth ball will definitely mesmerize everyone and up the look and feel of your event! (Enquire Now!)

Water Zovb Rental

Rental Cost: $120 per ball/hr (min $300 per rental)
The alternative solution to walking on water. Some say the experience of walking on water is completely different and the only way to find out is to try it out yourself! Perfect for pool parties and family carnivals! (Enquire now!)

Human ZOVB Bowling

Rental Cost: $380/hr (Inclusive of 1 ball & 5 bowling pins)
If you're tried running like a hamster in our ZOVB balls, this activity is fun spin-off! Enjoy a fun game of life-size bowling with our ZOVB balls and giant pins. Definitely a fun activity for large-scale corporate events, family day carnivals and even birthday parties! (Enquire now!)

Mobile Soccer Goal Post

Rental Cost: 2 units @ $80/day
Good for sports events that require mobile goalposts. (Enquire now!)

Laser Tag Gun Rentals

Rental of Guns: $35/gun/hr (Minimum of 10 guns)
Rental of Inflatable obstacle walls: $120/4 sets

Fancy a game of laser tag at your own convenience and location? Our guns are up for rental, perfect for carnivals and events! (Enquire now!)

Mobile Maze Arena

Rental Cost: $2000 for first day
(subsequent days depends on total length of rental)

Looking to have a huge event and want to draw big crowds to your carnival? With our mobile maze arena, we bring to you a fully customisable maze for Laser Tag! Engage both the young and old with fun Laser Tag games and even hold your competitions! (Enquire now!)

Water Tag Rental

Rental Cost: $300/2 hours (10 sets of watertag gear)
Water Tag is perfect in Singapore's hot weather. A fun activity to cool off especially great for pool parties, beach parties, carnivals and events! Host your own team challenges and have a soaking good time! (Enquire now!)

Kids Tables and Chairs

Rental Cost: $5/table, $3/chair per day
Useful for events with kids fringe activities. (Enquire now!)

Foldable GS Tables

Rental Cost: $18/table per day
Useful for parties and events. Table can be collapse at its legs for mobility and storage. (Enquire now!)

Plastic Folding Chairs

Rental Cost: $5/chair per day
Useful for parties and events. Chair can be folded for storage. (Enquire now!)

Mobile Panels

Rental Cost: $3.50/panel
Useful of segmenting event areas or mobile maze set up. Each panel comes together with 2 main legs and 2 supporting beams top and bottom. (Enquire now!)

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