Indoor Climbing For Kids

Fun Climbing walls
Indoor Climbing for Kids

This fully indoor climbing experience includes a two-storey high elements obstacle course consisting of 15 different obstacles and 5 unique climbing walls which are suitable for kids to scale. Kids are encouraged to participate in this activity together with their parents and be encouraged to step out of their comfort zones to scale new heights and challenge themselves within safe boundaries. Our climbing system is on an assisted belay system which will ensure you can climb without worries!

Indoor Climbing for Kids Learning Values:

  • Stepping out of comfort zone
  • Encouraging one another through difficult obstacles
  • Perseverance and a good spirit to try despite facing initial challenges

Nature of activity: Kids, Family, Groups, Indoors, small, medium and large size groups, rental and parties

Location: Let ‘em Play @ 18 Boon Lay Way #01-100

Duration: 1.5 hours

Minimum group size: 1 pax

Cost: $30/child or $58/parent-child pair

Prices are exclusive of 7% GST