Should you be expecting a group of overseas delegates that are coming over to Singapore for a seminar or meeting and are planning to bring them around Singapore and bask in its rich heritage, allow us to offer to you two of the many activities that we have to showcase the other side of Singapore. Away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, be immersed within the rich food culture that resonates on our small island. Or bring them on a tour back to the 1960s on Pulau Ubin where on different route that they take, will experience the different aspects of the 60s while enjoying the breathtaking coastal view.


Local Cuisine Tour

Often lauded as the food haven in Asia, the Lion city attracts millions of people each year to experience her culinary treasures. Are you eager and excited to experience the real taste of local food just like the native residents of Singapore? Here at Adventour, we bring you to gourmet insider hangouts to stroll, eat and take pictures!

Join us on a journey as we take you to the nooks and crannies of the tastiest neighbourhoods to gorge on Singapore’s gastronomic culture and tradition. Immerse yourself with the diverse flavours of the city often known as the melting pot of food and culture.

Tingle your taste buds with authentic Singaporean cuisine prepared by some of the best local chefs in town. Within our small and intimate groups, you will come to us as a visitor, but leave as a friend.
Each tour includes a variety of food tasting items that are beloved among Singaporean locals.

So, don’t be afraid to join the local crowds and enjoy the real taste Singapore has to offer. You can come hungry but will most definitely leave happy!


Cycling Tour

Enjoy a refreshing outdoor escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Singapore on Pulau Ubin, a small, tranquil island off Singapore’s north-eastern shore.

During an eco-friendly bike tour, you’ll cycle around the island to look for native wildlife like wild boar, monkeys and water monitors. An experienced guide will lead you past rural sights like fruit farms, mangroves and beaches while telling you about the island, and get a glimpse of local life at where Singapore’s only authentic villages (Kampungs) still remain.

Bike-riding level ranges from easy to moderate which will be determined by your guide depending on the weather and trail conditions of the day. The tours lasts a total of 3 hours including a return ferry ride from Singapore to Pulau Ubin.

Make stops during the tour to take photos and listen to information from your guide about the island’s history, natural environment and local village life in the Kampungs. There are many different routes to explore, some of which lead you to quarries, religious shrines, fruit plantations or outlying beaches with an amazing coastal view.

Whatever route you take, at the end of your bike tour, you’ll leave with an appreciation for this tiny, lush piece of rural local life, so close yet comfortably far from the towering skyscrapers of modern Singapore.