Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities in Singapore

CSR Activities have become a significant aspect for businesses. Not only is it a way to boost morale, create strong bonds, and bring colleagues together, but it makes work more meaningful. It helps both employers and employees stay connected with the world around them, and it gives them a better sense of accountability for the things they do individually and as a company. 

What’s more is that having socially responsible policies can aid in attracting and retaining customers, especially if it is a cause they personally advocate, support, and resonate with. Ultimately, CSR activities will not only improve a company’s image, but it could also lead to greater productivity and long-term success. 

We at AdvenTOUR can help arrange an event like this for you! We understand that while you recognise the importance of being socially responsible, it will take time to plan and determine the who, where, what, and how. Take a look at our list of CSR activities aimed towards giving back, particularly to communities in-need here in Singapore:

1 – Bag of Love

This activity targets disadvantaged households across the island. They could be individuals who don’t have a steady stream of income due to job loss. They could be a family with young children experiencing the sudden death of their sole breadwinner. It could be seniors living on their own, or perhaps those who are handicapped and have limited options to earn a living.

All these groups require support and assistance one way or another, so why not make an effort to help them get by and ease some of the struggles they face daily.

AdvenTOUR can help liaise with a community to determine the items that are in most need so that donations will be well-received and not gone to waste. 

A team building program, virtual or in-person, will be curated for your company. Participants will take part in fun activities and challenges that could thus earn them points to purchase items for donation. The company will get involved in planning how to collect, sort, and distribute the bags of love to the chosen beneficiary.

Display a spirit of camaraderie not just with colleagues but also with a community in-need. Reach out and let them feel cared for despite the challenges they currently face. 

2 – My Senior Buddy

How about partnering up with a senior nursing home and volunteering to spend time with their residents? We can discuss what type of help these centres require and align the objectives of your CSR outreach to suit all participants involved. Perhaps you would like to create an entire carnival where company staff can perform to entertain the residents, offer food and beverages, and/or carry out a workshop to teach the seniors a new skill. Another option could be for company staff to pair up with a senior resident to simply chat and spend some time with them.

Just because they are now in nursing homes, doesn’t mean seniors should be left to feel as if they live in isolation or that they have been left behind. Help enrich their lives and keep their spirits alive by taking time to befriend them. Together with your team, experience the true meaning of compassion and empathy, and be inspired by caring for the elderly.

3 – Soul Food: Give a FREE Lunch

Most, if not all people in Singapore, experienced huge changes in their lifestyles when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Many workers have had to adapt, and one of the ways they managed to earn a living was through becoming a delivery or private hire driver. 

Drivers work relentlessly throughout the day in order to transport parcels, food, or people from one place to another. They serve the community and make sure they get what they need within a specific period. But sometimes, despite their good effort, drivers aren’t rewarded with the best benefits or even the most basic form of appreciation. They also often find themselves working under harsh weather conditions or skipping meals to meet demands. 

For your next CSR activity, why not consider deploying different teams from your company to give out free lunch bento boxes? AdvenTOUR will help arrange the catering and the logistics for distribution to different delivery personnel at various stations.

4 – Singapore Beach Cleanup

Singapore may be small, but it has lots of outdoor pockets to enjoy and spend some time in nature. One of these places is the beach! Sometimes, however, trash gets left behind and there’s no one to pick them up. The outdoors like the beach are an extension of our homes; thus, it is equally important to keep them clean. 

Partner with AdvenTOUR and let us plan a day for a company beach clean-up! Deploy your team members to collect and dispose of trash responsibly. We’ll begin with a briefing on safety and procedures, followed by the distribution of materials required. The team will then be divided into smaller groups and assigned to different areas of the beach. 

A mini competition for the different groups can be run, and the team with the most trash collected or most special/ unique trash found will be rewarded.

By the end of the activity, all the trash will be put together to be disposed properly. Photos and videos will be taken during the event and collated for the company.

So no matter the CSR activity you choose, we at AdvenTOUR can help make that time for your company to give back meaningfully to a community in-need. It benefits you, but more importantly, benefits the greater good. Build a better team, improve your business, and enrich others or the environment you live in. 

Enquire with us and let’s discuss a suitable program where you can show care and pay some kindness forward today.

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