Here are some of our best selling activities. Be it team building activities, private parties, or even private tours around sunny Singapore, here is a comprehensive list of some of our activities available for you to choose from. To view more, head over to our Activities Gallery page to see a whole list of activities to pick from.

Best Sellers

Here are some of our best sellers! Click here for more information!


Dragonboating team building

Best Sellers | Dragonboating team building

Dragon boating has been a very successful paddle sport that brings people together. Corporate groups looking to build a common heartbeat or culture into the organisation would recommend this activity for its teambuilding delivery through a simple approach of paddling. Click here for more information!


Combat Skirmish "Laser Tag"

Best Sellers | Combat Skirmish "Laser Tag"

Pioneering the sport a decade ago, Combat Skirmish Laser Tag has developed its technology that centers on teambuilding. Utilising an electronic gun and body harness, we create objective based missions that corporate groups are looking to build on. Click here for more information!


Bubble ball soccer

Best Sellers | Bubble ball soccer

Some call it bubble soccer, some refer to it as bubble ball, others bubble suit or bubble bump, we prefer to call it Bloop. Pioneering this alternative sport 6 years ago, Bloop captured the hearts of many young adults. Every participant involved will don the bloop ball, which protects the other half of body upon impact. Click here for more information!


Amazing Race

Best Sellers | Amazing Race

You may have heard of the Amazing Race featured on US networks or even our local version in Asia. Similar to what you see on TV our race features teambuilding specific station games at every pit stop during the race. Organisations who are more adventurous would prefer to inject thrill-seeking activities like the Luge or Flowrider. Click here for more information!


Water ZOVB

Best Sellers | Water ZOVB

You may have met the big bubble ball brother in our other listing; this is Water ZOVB, the alternative solution to walking on water. Some say the experience of walking if completely different and the only way to find out is to try it out yourself. Click here for more information!




Come experience “Life in the fast lane’ with KF1 Karting Circuit. The location serves as the largest and the only CIK-FIA approved go karting facility in Singapore. The track boasts a full 960m with 18 turns. Ride on the Viper go-Karts available on site and relive the adrenaline pumping F1 season with us. Click here for more information! Click here for more information!


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